Our Incredible Projects

Our team is committed to creating value for its investors and stakeholders through developing Best-in-Class Renewable Energy
projects. Aided by the experienced technical team and its worldwide experience in various emerging markets.

Energy Benches – Smart Benches

Our first model is a versatile 6-seater bench, of solid metal construction, resistant to weather conditions and vandalism.
Uses and stores solar energy for all its functions.

Our specific innovative construction and our future plans are addressed to municipalities, parks, public transport stations, shopping malls, hotel units and resorts.

• 2 mobile charging points. One normal and one fast.
• 6 seats with stainless steel partitions per 2 people with wooden seat.
• Wi-Fi internet, wireless connection. Via sim card.
• Time, date and temperature display (inner side).
• Large information and advertising screen using wireless connection (Optional provision of services for the use and management of the screen, exclusively by our staff).
• 2 Speakers, radio
• Night lighting with sensor.
• 2 to 3 days autonomy in winter and summer
• Radio
• Time, date and temperature display (inner side)
• Possibility of modifications at the request of the customer
• Adaptation of the construction according to the geographical location.

Technical specifications :

• Photovoltaic frame of Monocrystalline silicon technology 1x305Watt = 305Wp.
25 years linear performance guarantee, greater production in cloudy and hot weather. 12 year warranty.
• AGM VRLA closed type deep discharge battery 1x12V-240Ah C100 (> 850 cycles for 50% discharge). 2 years warranty.
• Two USB charging ports with waterproof cover (5V – 2.1A, 5V – 1A) one fast and one normal charge.
Works with any USB charger.
Thermal protection (automatic deactivation).
Reverse polarity protection.
Short circuit protection and overload.
2 years warranty.
• 4G Router, supports 4G / 3G / 2G, maximum download 150Mbps maximum upload 50Mbps. 3 year warranty.
• Cooling system, 2 flow fans 468m3 / h with activation at 45 ° C.2 years warranty.
• Automatic lighting, white, led technology with day / night sensor. 2 years warranty.
• LED display 320X160 white light, time, date and ambient temperature display via sensor.2 years warranty.
• Update screen 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080) Full HD, LCD type, Screen size 68.6 cm (27 “). 2 year warranty.
• 1.2GHz quad-core microcomputer, 1 GB RAM.2 years warranty.
• Internal alarm with sensors.2 years warranty.

It is a construction that can accept many changes depending on the needs of the customer, as well as upgrades.